Write a resume when you change careers

In your resume you need to show the employer what will be important to the new profession. How to do it?

Converge the job titles

Match and make as consonant as possible the names of the desired and the last position. Of course, this is not possible in all cases of career change. But sometimes it is possible. Let’s say a sales manager dreams of moving to marketing. These are close spheres. It is possible to rename the last position to sales development and support manager.

Work through a set of key skills

It is necessary to look at your experience in a new way and find in it the functionality that can be extremely useful in the future. Case in point – transition of a specialist from commerce to internal (corporate) training. The candidate has a good base (strong communication skills, stress tolerance), which are important for organizing staff training. It is important to bring these skills to the forefront of your resume in describing your experience and explaining how they can be applied in the new field.

Eliminate irrelevant skills

Not only do you need to emphasize the skills that are important for the new field, but you also need to remove any references to previous experience which is unnecessary for the new tasks. For example, if you were a manager in your previous field and worked with big projects, and in the new profession you are going to start from a linear position, you should not list the previous great merits, implemented projects. Otherwise you will appear as a super-qualified candidate. Taking under the command of former bosses is not very fond of competition, and if you emphasize your former status, it may seem a sign of great ambition.

Write a good cover letter

For the career-changing candidate, a cover letter is a must-have tool. It’s a chance to explain to the recruiter the validity of responding to a job whose resume doesn’t fully meet the requirements.

You need to bring to the forefront important information for the new role – additional education in the new profile, a strong theoretical base, at least occasional experience, if you have it (for example, internship or implementation of individual projects on a freelance basis).

Explain why the new field is attractive, why you decided to move into it, this particular company and this position. This is not an empty formality: all employers want to get really motivated employees with burning eyes. Newcomers who move into a new profession are usually enthusiastic – it’s their competitive advantage. But there is an important nuance: it is important that enthusiasm is built on realistic expectations of the new profession, not on illusory ideas about it.

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