Who is the musician who became a trader, Mehran Khorami or Mehran Bit?

Have you ever heard the name Mehran Khorami? A web developer who has gained a reputation for having new ideas. Mehran Khorami with the internet name Mehran Bit is one of the best and most creative people active in the field of cryptocurrency. Mehran Khorami has registered many successful projects on his resume. An online entrepreneur who also works in the field of network security, he is also interested in art and shows playing the guitar, composing and other topics related to music.

Today we are going to introduce Mehran Khorami nicknamed Mehran Bit to you and examine the reason for the fame of this web programmer. Of course, most people have heard the name of this influential person in the world of cryptocurrency. Join us to find out more about this entrepreneur.

Mehran Khorami, Basic Information, and Education

Undoubtedly, the age in which we live is one of the special and distinct periods of human life and is a suitable platform for receiving and transmitting various sciences, technical education, and arts. The existence of complex communications and the high speed of technological growth is also special and distinct at this time, which in turn is considered a privilege in this field.

Mehran Khorami is a programmer and CEO of IT and the founder of Mehran Bit Exchange is a wealthy programmer who also works as an online entrepreneur. This person is well known in Iran due to his strong skills, remarkable academic education, and high mental ability. Among this person’s activities, we can mention launching various websites, launching currency code buying and selling authorities, and various websites.

Mehran is one of the active and passionate youths who has understood this period well and has achieved high success by making the most of its facilities and capabilities.

For many people, academic education may not be very important. However, the skills acquired in the university can have a great impact on people’s lives. Of course, Mehran Khorami also has a good record in terms of academy education. Mehran Khorami received her degree in Information Technology Engineering from Zanjan Azad University in 2016. He is interested in education and is currently studying e-commerce at Lahijan Azad University.


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