Myanmar Needs To Emulate Indonesia

Milan (askanews) – Number 200 Spacewalk base in orbit around which revolves around the Earth at 400 km altitude and 28,000 km / h. The first was completed in December 1998 7.

Expedition 51 commander Peggy Whitson and NASA astronaut Jack Fischer helped ESA astronaut Thomas French Pesquet came out of the International Space Station for a mission in space provided 06:00 to the last half.

The task of the American astronauts, replacing exPCA, avionics main box containing data and power cables for scientific experiments of the base and replace some stored elements on the outside of the orbital base.

Peggy Withson confirms more women’s space binders: in the first woman to command the ISS twice and has the US record in its longest in orbit and the largest number of female Eva, with the number 200 space walk in history Of the ISS also won the third place in the number of hours in the ranking of extraveicolar CUMULATIVE missions

So how is the “ethnic issue” to solve? Three conditions must be fulfilled for the incentives to prevail over the continuation of the conflict. First, the pressure must be applied by the Myanmar neighbors to EAG who support and housing. This is especially true in the case of conflicts along the northern border involving the Kachin, Kokang and Chinese Wa (who runs a large well-armed narcoestado). On the other hand, a financial allocation should be given to “buy” fighters agreed leaders of both sides to stop the conflicts that have generated huge illicit cash flow from narcotics, gemstones, jade, wood, minerals, contraband, In exchange for protection, transit “taxes”).

Finally, most Bamar must reconcile with the reputation of the Union of Myanmar will not succeed if it is worthy of that name – a practical federal union of decentralized powers at the state level. Fortunately, there is a role model here ASEAN – Indonesia. Like Myanmar, Indonesia is a vast rich nation’s wealth of resources. It went from an autocratic military-dominated government (which served as a kind of model for the Myanmar junta) in what is now probably the most free democracy in Southeast Asia. This was only possible through the decentralization of the state’s income distribution and with communities, a process that has been little by little more than a decade.

The factors necessary for a lasting peace are clear to all, after 70 years of conflict all parties also recognize that the move towards this goal is not going to be fast, and even Myanmar, ASEAN’s “plan” to control Indonesia. The question is do you want it? The real struggle in Myanmar is one of the deductibles and benefit of conflict people wishing to bring in greater profits to close it.

Aung San Suu Kyi arrives at the renewed peace process with some advantages: the former team of government negotiators who had built up a level of trust with the ethnic separatist groups and experience were launched; Does not control the army – like the GAE – has interests in the perpetuation of a “war economy”; EAG does not trust him more than military representatives have (in his view, she, like the military, represents the interests of ethnic Bamar).

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