Game of Thrones: All the Queens’ Men

Game of Thrones: All the Queens’ Men

Game of Thrones: All the Queens’ Men

Each week during the seventh season of Game of Thrones, Lenika Cruz, David Sims and Spencer Kornhaber discuss new episodes of HBO’s drama. Because no criteur was made available to critics beforehand this year, we will publish our thoughts in installments.

Lenika Cruz three episodes of this season, I have always used for the speed with which they are taking Game of Thrones in this last stage. This week, “Justice of the Queen” gave us many important events:

Dany and Jon got together! Jorah was healed! Saved and Sansa got together! The immaculate took Casterly Rock! The Lannister took HighJardin! Mrs. Olenna was executed! Dorne is over! Euron is the worst! Many exclamation marks, I know, but most of those moments were actually big deals have scored together a good balance to be a good time or effective surprises.

The show began very well with this recent meeting of ice and fire that has long been essential to the mythology of the series: Daenerys and Jon met for the first time in Rocadragon.

The entire first scene was able to really breathe that give Daenerys and Jon space to run, to feel each other, to compete a bit. We spent six full seasons in each of these characters; We know them and what we saw and learned we conquered. We even know they are family members.

But they do not know. So I thought the writers have done a clever job of evoking an authentic encounter between the King of the North and the legitimate queen of the seven kingdoms who not only offered a summary of his life so far.

Not only that, but the writers also painted a compelling portrait of two leaders who are slowly learning to inhabit their functions, relatively new, with the total weight of multiple battles and centuries of simultaneous disordered user history.

(For the sake of the occasion, Ser Doos, “This is Jon Snow” was a perfect little joke, even when you were part of a man who rose from a bastard in a resurrected Messiah? Jon and Tyrion’s friendly greeting also reminded me Of Ned and the first exchange of King Robert in the controller).

Dany’s first trade and Jon even completed a concrete grant, with the help of Tyrion Dany Jon pulls off his desire to pledge allegiance and allow him to master many necessary glassware.
Of course, Dany continued to be the clearest head of the two queens competing for the iron throne, but judging by appearances, Cersei is the one who is, in a word, the winner. Dany remains noble, intelligent and eager to distinguish himself from his father, the crazy king, but everything he has done so far will cost him first key battles and his allies only two Westerosi.

Cersei, on the other hand, appreciate the calm in King’s Landing, and even brings the Queen of Justice to two of her greatest enemies: Ellaria and Nymeria Arena and Lady Olenna Tyrell, the women responsible for the massacre of two of their children.

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