YAKARTA – A district in the Indonesian capital has been officially declared a smoke-free area while students provide further protests against what they consider a greater effort by cigarette companies to target young people.

Indonesia has one of the highest rates of smoking and is the fourth largest producer of cigarettes, mainly spicy straw and tobacco variety, but Parliament has proposed legislation to further stimulate tobacco production.

Some groups now pushing the tobacco industry in the country of 250 million people smoke in nearly two thirds of men and a pack of cigarettes can cost less than $ 2.

In East Jakarta, a row of at least a dozen homes in the Tanggul Penas area has been painted with bright colors in March, with a blue banner hanging near the entrance stating that it was a smoking free zone.

Residents were encouraged to stop or avoid smoking “making this area not only beautiful, but also healthy,” said Nobby Vela Andi Supu, a 22-year-old student who coordinates the program with a civic group.

More than 200 people, mostly students, protested last month to oppose a tobacco industry’s next industrial exhibition in Jakarta and planned another demonstration next week, said Manik Marganamahendra, one of the protest organizers.

Cigarette companies target young Indonesians with new products such as fruity cigarettes, and attractive packaging and advertisements, Marganamahendra said 20 years.

“We really want the cigarette industry to disappear completely, but it can not happen overnight,” he told Reuters. “We would like to eliminate Indonesia’s dependence on cigarettes.”

Despite health problems, the tobacco industry in Indonesia is often championed by politicians and others as a major source of income for farmers and government revenues.

Indonesia produced 269.2 billion cigarettes in 2015, according to research firm Euromonitor International. The market was valued at 17.3 billion and grew rapidly.

Large tobacco companies operating in the field include PT Mandala Hanjaya Sampoerna Tbk, which is controlled by the US. Giant by Philip Morris International Inc., Djarum Group and PT Gudang Garam Tbk.

Myanmar Needs To Emulate Indonesia

Milan (askanews) – Number 200 Spacewalk base in orbit around which revolves around the Earth at 400 km altitude and 28,000 km / h. The first was completed in December 1998 7.

Expedition 51 commander Peggy Whitson and NASA astronaut Jack Fischer helped ESA astronaut Thomas French Pesquet came out of the International Space Station for a mission in space provided 06:00 to the last half.

The task of the American astronauts, replacing exPCA, avionics main box containing data and power cables for scientific experiments of the base and replace some stored elements on the outside of the orbital base.

Peggy Withson confirms more women’s space binders: in the first woman to command the ISS twice and has the US record in its longest in orbit and the largest number of female Eva, with the number 200 space walk in history Of the ISS also won the third place in the number of hours in the ranking of extraveicolar CUMULATIVE missions

So how is the “ethnic issue” to solve? Three conditions must be fulfilled for the incentives to prevail over the continuation of the conflict. First, the pressure must be applied by the Myanmar neighbors to EAG who support and housing. This is especially true in the case of conflicts along the northern border involving the Kachin, Kokang and Chinese Wa (who runs a large well-armed narcoestado). On the other hand, a financial allocation should be given to “buy” fighters agreed leaders of both sides to stop the conflicts that have generated huge illicit cash flow from narcotics, gemstones, jade, wood, minerals, contraband, In exchange for protection, transit “taxes”).

Finally, most Bamar must reconcile with the reputation of the Union of Myanmar will not succeed if it is worthy of that name – a practical federal union of decentralized powers at the state level. Fortunately, there is a role model here ASEAN – Indonesia. Like Myanmar, Indonesia is a vast rich nation’s wealth of resources. It went from an autocratic military-dominated government (which served as a kind of model for the Myanmar junta) in what is now probably the most free democracy in Southeast Asia. This was only possible through the decentralization of the state’s income distribution and with communities, a process that has been little by little more than a decade.

The factors necessary for a lasting peace are clear to all, after 70 years of conflict all parties also recognize that the move towards this goal is not going to be fast, and even Myanmar, ASEAN’s “plan” to control Indonesia. The question is do you want it? The real struggle in Myanmar is one of the deductibles and benefit of conflict people wishing to bring in greater profits to close it.

Aung San Suu Kyi arrives at the renewed peace process with some advantages: the former team of government negotiators who had built up a level of trust with the ethnic separatist groups and experience were launched; Does not control the army – like the GAE – has interests in the perpetuation of a “war economy”; EAG does not trust him more than military representatives have (in his view, she, like the military, represents the interests of ethnic Bamar).

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‘That’s My Fish’: Indonesia’s Fisheries Enforcer Blasts Poachers

A school dropout became a seafood contractor, threatening Indonesia’s crackdown on illegal fishing, earning Kudos preservatives and prices as far away as Washington, despite its explosive methods.

One of the favorite tactics to seize foreign fishing vessels and to jump in the drills to send a message to the neighbors of their country.

Susi Pudjiastuti honored this week in Washington for his environmental work, was responsible for the destruction of hundreds of fishing vessels in the last two years as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Government of Indonesia. Their efforts have not removed a problem that plagued the nation in the archipelago for decades, he said, but have increased fish stocks and stopped smuggling.

Benchley Price

Catches of anchovy, shrimp and yellowfin tuna have increased, helping local fishermen and reducing food prices, said PUDJIASTUTI.

“What we earn, in fact, is respect,” said PUDJIASTUTI in the US capital, where he joined other winners of the annual Peter Benchley Ocean Awards, named after the author of “Tiburon.” He was cited for his efforts to protect Indonesia’s marine ecosystem, and to address poachers and organized crime.

“They can not do everything,” added PUDJIASTUTI. While 10,000 foreign vessels were used to fish in Indonesian waters “as in their own country”, he said that the new reality was clear: “No more.”

Unwanted neighbors

For China and others in the region, sensitive policies are also involved. Indonesia’s inflexible approach disturbed the neighbors whose boats were caught in the dredge to operate in the seas invaded by territorial disputes. The campaign may partly reflect Indonesia’s desire to show that control of the vast territory of its 17 000 islands.

PUDJIASTUTI, 52, gained popularity in the country as a campaign leader challenging initial skepticism when he was appointed minister in 2014. He had no political experience and had not completed high school. But he spent three decades as a seafood company and knew the business. She also passed Susi Air’s own air charter, distribute and export products.

Upon taking office, he quickly declared a moratorium on fishing for foreign vessels that had often operated under Indonesian flags
300 sunken ships

And to carry the point of origin, the authorities of Indonesia have flowed more than 300 foreign fishing vessels.

In the largest mass destruction in early April, Indonesian authorities have destroyed 81 empty ships on a weekend. The majority were from Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. In March 2016, a large ship of the flag of Nigeria was captured poaching and black hake, after being evacuated, exploded with great fanfare. PUDJIASTUTI placed on the beach later with Navy officials, his fists high in the air with the steamer behind.

“Visual effects and the press come from their hard-to-blow practices these ships have really helped educate the world,” said Sally Yozell, director of the environmental safety program Stimson think Washington-based Center, talking about the plague Overfishing. He acknowledged, however, the regional frictions of the campaign, which included several incidents last year in Indonesia warning shots and the hoarding of Chinese fishing boats in the waters of their Natuna islands.

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British Government Divided on Free Movement After Brexit

British Government Divided on Free Movement After Brexit

British Government Divided on Free Movement After Brexit

LONDON – In order to allow free movement of people after Britain’s abandonment, the European Union “would not trust” Brexit’s vote, the Secretary for International Trade said, underscoring the government’s divisions on the issue.

Liam Fox told the Sunday Times that government ministers did not reach a consensus on maintaining the free movement of people during a transitional period, a proposal described Friday by Finance Minister Philip Hammond.

Hammond had said that there should be no immediate change in immigration laws or negotiation when Britain will leave the EU in March 2019 and that the status quo could last until mid-2022.

“If there was any discussion about it, I would not let it,” Fox said in the newspaper.

“I have participated in any discussion about it, nor did I serve my consent for something like that.”

Divisions between ministers on Brexit’s strategy have become more open after Theresa’s prime minister has lost his majority in the early elections was called in June. With May parties, the debate has intensified.

Continue reading the main story
Hammond has led the government to ensure a favorable Brexit companies avoid a sudden change in 2019 in relations between Britain and the EU, which buys almost half of its exports.

Fox had previously said he supported a transitional agreement to ease the release of Britain’s trade bloc, but on Sunday he said freedom of movement should not continue.

“We have made it clear that control of our own borders was one of the things we wanted in the referendum, and it does not seem like free flow regulation of the freedom to keep faith in this decision,” the Sunday Times said.
“It can not be done by an individual or group within the company,” he said.

An ally of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has also spoken out against the Hammond map on Sunday.

Gérard Lyons, Johnson’s former economic adviser when he was mayor of London, said a transition period would not last more than two years.

“Many of the” risks “that stand out in Brexit are perceived risks, not real risks, and a two-year transition to alleviate many concerns,” Lyons said in a Sunday Telegraph column.

A growing number of other ministers said they agreed on the need for a transitional period, but Johnson – who advocated a difficult approach to Brexit negotiations – has been silent on the issue recently.

At the end of Friday, Hammond and Johnson issued a joint statement saying they were working together to get the UK to the EU and its internal market, customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. The communiqué does not mention the transitional provisions.

US says ‘no point’ in UN meeting on North Korea after latest missile test

US says ‘no point’ in UN meeting on North Korea after latest missile test

US says ‘no point’ in UN meeting on North Korea after latest missile test

The ambassador suggested that Beijing pursue other diplomatic challenges to convert North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Haley’s comments represent a change of direction after announcing last week that he was seeking China’s support for a new resolution to isolate North Korea.

The change of attitude after a change of tone similar to that of Donald Trump who condemned the Chinese government very little in return for its neighbor and traditional ally.

Trump does not promise to stop China “doing nothing” in North Korea after the last missile test

Haley said in a statement: “A new Security Council resolution that does not significantly increase international pressure on North Korea has no value.

“It is actually worse than nothing, as it sends the message to the North Korean dictator that the international community does not really argue. China must decide if it is finally ready to take this important step.”

While Haley has not threatened to take military action against North Korea in his last statement, he said this month that the United States would use military force if diplomacy failed.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has imagined the game after the last test of an intercontinental ballistic missile last week. Photo: EPA

Haley said last week that his team did not “keep in touch with China and I can say things are moving” towards a new proposed UN Security Council agreement.

North Korea’s first missile launches led Haley, his South Korea and Japanese counterparts Cho Tae-yul and Koro Bassho to convene emergency meetings to impose additional sanctions.

That is not going to happen after the last Friday missile test highlighting the strategy change.

“Many have wondered if the United States will seek an emergency session of the Security Council on Monday,” Haley said.

“There is no need to have an emergency meeting if nothing of importance comes up. North Korea is already subject to numerous Security Council resolutions that are violated with impunity and not respected by all UN member states.”

Trump hit China, just hours before Haley has published his announcement, saying that Beijing could have avoided North Korea to succeed in efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

The US Treasury has identified the Dandong Bank as a “foreign financial institution of the main concern for money laundering,” which serves as a “gateway to access North Korea to the United States and financial systems Which facilitated millions of transactions for companies involved in ballistic and ballistic missile programs in North Korea, “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said last month.

The parties subject to secondary sanctions also included Dalian Global Shipping Co Unit, in addition to two Chinese citizens accused of having ties with North Korean bank executive Ri Song-Hyok.

In North Korea, a generation gap grows behind the propaganda

In North Korea, a generation gap grows behind the propaganda

Pyongyang, North Korea (AP) – She dances under the portraits of two smiling dictators, a modern girl in a central square in Pyongyang returned to music calling on the North Koreans to die for their leader.

When he speaks, a torrent reverence is about the ruling family of North Korea, as if the phrases were randomly removed from a government newspaper: “The Great Leader’s Revolution” … “Workers believe and worship Marshal Kim Jong Un “.

And as hundreds of students are dancing behind her in a choreographed demonstration of loyalty, she is convinced of one thing: North Korea, she insists, has no generation gap.

“The spirit of youth remains the same as always!” Said Ryu Hye Gyong.

But look closer – look beyond his words, beyond the propaganda posters on every street, and the radio playing hymns to the ruling family – and the tacit reality is much more complicated.

A 19-year-old university student with a confident handshake and carefully wrought hair, Ryu lives in a city that now feels flooded with change. There are rich people now in Pyongyang, warmed to Mercedes, as well as citizens of most of the state of the police are still in poverty.

There is a supermarket that sells disposable diapers. On the sidewalks, where everyone dressed in Maoist harmonic compliance, there are young women in teenage minijuines and there are not enough young people with sideways-style K-pop baseball caps.

In this deeply isolated country, a generational division grew in silence.

Here, where leaders have long been worshiped as all-powerful providers, youth passed into adulthood without expecting anything from the plan.

His life, career aspirations to dating habits, is increasingly shaped by a growing market economy and a business booming underground television programs and music smuggling. Political fervor is broken by something else: a ferocious belief in the power of money.

Talks with more than two dozen North Korean refugees as well as academics, former government officials and activists point out that young people are increasingly confused by the powerful ideology that the government has long put in the center each life.

“When Kim Jong Un talks, young people do not listen,” said Han Song-Yi, 24, who left the North in 2014, the dream of pop music fame in the South. “They just pretend to listen.”

In her tight-fitting shorts and golden eyelashes, Han likes to talk about fashion and K-pop bands that she and her friends secretly listening to.

Can also deconstruct the way the sudden appearance of short skirts in her hometown in the fall of 2012 reflects not only the rise of Kim Jong Un, the new leader has often photographed his glamorous wife, but also the growing political cynicism around she.

Four Arab countries say they are ready for Qatar dialogue with conditions

Four Arab countries say they are ready for Qatar dialogue with conditions

Four Arab countries say they are ready for Qatar dialogue with conditions

DUBAI (Reuters) – The four Arab countries that have severed ties with Qatar said on Sunday they were ready for talks to address the dispute if Doha had intended to meet their demands.

Foreign ministers from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates met in Bahrain, capital of Manama, to discuss the crisis that has raised tensions throughout the region.

The Saudi block blocked ties with the Gulf state on June 5, accusing it of supporting militant groups and consulting with its enemy Iran, denying the accusations that Doha.

Kuwait’s diplomatic efforts and support from Western powers have failed to end the dispute, in which the four states have independent travel and communications with Qatar.

“The four countries are ready to dialogue with Qatar on the condition that it announces its sincere desire to stop terrorism and extremism funding and its commitment not to interfere in the foreign affairs of other countries and to satisfy claims,” ​​said the minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, Cheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, said at a joint news conference after the meeting.

They have not announced any new economic sanctions for the Gulf state.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain have already published a list of 13 Qatari claims, which include reducing their support for the Muslim Brotherhood, closing Al Jazeera in Doha, closing a military base in Turkey And reducing its relations with the enemy Gulf Iran.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said that Qatar was not serious to meet the demands of countries.

“We are willing to talk to Qatar to implement the requirements of the implementation of the principles, if Qatar is serious, but clearly it is not,” he said.

The four countries have also listed “six principles” that they want Qatar to adopt.

Qatar Foreign Minister Cheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani rejected the statement from the four countries on Sunday and said sanctions violate international law.

“There is no clear vision (of the Manama meeting), there is a stubborn policy blocking countries and refusal to admit that it is illegal actions,” Sheikh Mohammed told al Jazeera television channel.

Earlier Sunday, the Al-Hayat newspaper said, citing unidentified sources in the Gulf, the four countries “should impose sanctions that will gradually affect Qatar’s economy.”

Saudi Arabia has closed its land border with Qatar, while four countries have cut off air connections with Doha requiring the country’s gas export to take several steps to demonstrate that it was changing its policies.

Turkey and Iran were involved in supplying produce, poultry and fresh dairy products in Qatar instead of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Oman and provides alternative port to those of the United Arab Emirates.

The four Arab countries have added 18 individuals and groups who say they are linked to their Qatar “terrorist” lists last week.

Reports by Sami Aboudi and Omar Fahmy; Additional report from Mostafa Hashem in Doha; Edited by Jane Merriman and Peter Cooney




President Vladimir Putin said the United States must reduce its diplomatic staff by 755 people in Russia and that Moscow could consider additional measures against Washington in response to new US sanctions approved by Congress.

Moscow ordered the United States Friday to distribute hundreds of diplomat and said it would take advantage of two US diplomatic properties after the United States House of Representatives and the Senate overwhelmingly approved new sanctions on Russia. The White House said Friday that US President Donald Trump would sign the sanctions bill.

Putin said in an interview with TVTV on Sunday that the United States should withdraw its diplomatic and technical personnel from 755 people by 1 September.

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“Because more than a thousand workers – diplomats and support personnel – worked and are still working in Russia, 755 must stop their activity in the Russian Federation,” he said.

The new US sanctions were in part a response to the results of US intelligence agencies that Russia had started during the 2016 United States presidential election and to punish Russia for the annexation of the Crimea in Ukraine in 2014 .

Russia’s response suggested that initial hopes for better relations with Washington under Trump had been pushed aside, something that the Republican president before being elected said he wanted to achieve.

A federal investigation into the implementation of Congressional Law and several studies in the United States exploring the possibility that the country Trump connivance with Russia makes it more difficult for Trump to open a new chapter with Putin. Russia denies interference in the election and Trump said there was no collusion.

Moscow said on Friday that the United States had until September 1 to reduce its diplomatic staff in Russia to 455 people, which is the number of Russian diplomats left the United States after Washington expelled 35 Russians in December.

On Friday, a US Embassy official, who asked not to be identified, said the embassy employed about 1,100 employees and diplomatic support in Russia, including Russian and US citizens.

ACT not granted ‘

The State Department declined to comment on the exact number of ambassadors and consular staff in Russia.

But a State Department official called Russia’s action “an unfortunate act and is not called.”

“We assess the impact of these restrictions and how we will respond,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

As of 2013, the United States mission in Russia, including the embassy and consulates of Moscow to St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok, staff employment of 1279, the report of the Inspector General Department of State this year. There were 934 locally employed workers and 301 employees in the United States of “direct contracting” of 35 US government agencies, according to the report.

This rupture suggests that the actual number of Americans forced to leave Russia would be well below 755.